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Understand Your Needs

Every business and website is different. We start our by examining the health of your website and discussing your business goals. From this we can formulate a winning marketing strategy.

Improve Your Visibility

Your website can only do its job when potential customers are seeing it. Our SEO service will move your website up in the search results for highly profitable search terms that your customers use.

Get You More Customers

What use is traffic if it doesn’t bring in more leads? We examine your site for user experience issues and make improvements, to increase the amount of leads from the same traffic.

Help Grow Your Business

For every £ you spend with us – we’ll bring you considerably more. Not only will we explode your traffic & brand awareness, we will be able to show the direct effect this has on your bottom line.

Why Top Rankings Are Vital

The chances are you’ve spent quite a bit of money on your website, but what use is that if nobody can find it?

72% of under 35’s research online before going to a brick and mortar store. If people can’t find your brand online, it will be harder for them to find you offline.
75% of user NEVER scroll past page 1 of Google. This means if you are not showing up for your key terms you are loosing business.
ONLY 20 – 30% of people click on Google Adwords. You can spend as much as you want on Adwords, it will NEVER provide as many leads as a top 3 organic.
1st position in Google gets 35% of clicks on average. Very few methods of advertising can the match the level of trust and reach a 1st position in Google brings.

Our Services

Competition is fierce online with your competitors working hard to out-do you in the search results. This is why it is crucial you hire an SEO agency with a track record of results. At Opmax, we know what it takes to run an effective marketing campaign from start to finish.

Our Search Engine Optimisation works in harmony with Google to get great results that stand the test of time. We’ve seen many Google updates over the years and because we test and network with some of the best in the industry, we will be ready for whatever algorithm changes Google might release.

If an SEO professional can’t show you live examples of real case studies, the chances of them being able to perform in your industry are slim. We have results in some of the most competitive and profitable online searches, which we’d be happy to share with you.

We are 100% Search Engine focussed. We don’t offer web design, Adwords or Social Media. Because of our level of specialism and dedication we are able to outperform the majority of online marketing companies that try to offer everything.

We don’t subcontract, outsource or take shortcuts – we just pull our sleeves up and get the job done! 

Few decisions could be as important to the long-term success of your business, as choosing the right SEO agency to work with. Having great exposure online can be the most scalable way to bring targeted prospects into your sales funnel. It’s is putting your brand in front of people you are actively looking to buy, which is why SEO or PPC can be so powerful compared to traditional media. Whereas a billboard a newspaper advert targets indiscriminately, we can target precisely for people searching for your product or service.

Our SEM campaigns will result in a lower client acquisition point than compared to paid traffic. Search Engine Optimization is very much an investment that takes time to bring a return. A time period of between 6 month -12months for ‘good’ results will appear in a typical campaign. This depends on the level of competition in your particular industry. A nationwide search term such as ‘gold investing’ will take much longer time frame than a small local term such as ‘personal trainer Windsor’ for example.

Perhaps you searched ‘SEO Windsor’ and saw us on the search results page. The fact that you found us this way demonstrates the power being found in the search engines. Our website can be found for many of the surrounding cities in Berkshire which are highly fought over by the local marketing agencies based here.

It's time to rise above the competition.

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