LinkedIn, a social network for professional relationships, has created a way for users of its site to share content on their profile. LinkedIn now allows its users to more freely share information about their business contacts. Essentially, this is what Facebook has been doing for a long time, albeit with one big difference. It is geared for a professional network of people rather than a more casual social network. While there’s nothing revolutionary about this move–in fact, one could argue that LinkedIn should have done it a long time ago–it does confirm that the boundaries between social media communication and older, more established “professional” communication are collapsing. LinkedIn is personalizing a professional social network.
This illustrates how there is no longer a separation between the communication done on Facebook or Twitter or any social media platform and the “real world.” As everything moves to the web, all of the informal lines of communication will continue to flourish and open up to all aspects of society. Social media will be the primary way people learn about new services and businesses. Social media marketing is not only growing, it is the key to business growth.
LinkedIn’s share button is just another sign of the times. For your business to grow, you must fully embrace the practices of Internet marketing.