When you hire Get Found Now as your WordPress design company,  it is not a passive endeavor on your part. We actually need you to actively participate in the project every step of the way because after all, it’s about you, your online presence and your livelihood.

Honestly, we can not pull a rabbit out of our hat and make things happen without your involvement, feedback and total commitment.

We are here to help you help yourself, not carry you if you don’t wan’t to go the extra mile for your own online success. Please don’t say to us that you are putting all of that into our hands. Your online success is 100% dependent on your willingness to write quality content on a consistent basis, which we we will teach you how to optimize and format for Internet usability and search engine placement.

We Need Your Input and No, You Can’t Hurt Our Feelings

Michael and I are about people, not agendas, and every person we work with becomes part of our inner circle of family and friends, which we are committed to and a commitment that we take very seriously.  Go ahead and ask anyone who has ever worked with us and they’ll tell you – we honestly care. That being said, we have to get to know you in order to give you what you need and that means giving us your input. It’s all hands on deck with WordPress website design, that is if you want it done right or the way YOU want it.

We Love Working with Smart, Enthusiastic, Upbeat and Amazing People

Yes, money is very nice to have in the old bankola, no doubt about it, but so is the good feeling you have about the quality of your life at the end of the day and your integrity when it comes to building relationships with good people and doing what you do well. We could just take your money and toss up a mediocre WordPress website design like any  Joe calling themselves a WordPress blog design expert, but we are not into that, not at all.

We love working with smart, enthusiastic, upbeat and amazing people that want to make things happen for themselves and who TRUST our online game plan. Why?  Because it works.  Not to be arrogant, but we do have the search engine placement to substantiate everything we we say and do in order to achieve the same kind of results we can help you achieve.  Type in WordPress Design Company or WordPress Design Companies into Google.

It is not all about building up back links or buying back links (please) from any of the other stupid stuff that Online SEO EXPERTS try and sell people. What it is about is providing quality content that REAL people enjoy reading, sharing via Social Media, commenting on and linking back to ‘organically.’

No SEO Smoke and Mirrors Required in Our Online Game Plan

We are not search engine SEO tricksters.  As a matter of fact, we don’t subscribe to search engine trickery one single bit.  We don’t like it. There is no no smoke and mirrors with us, just WordPress done our way and it works – quality content that is informative, engaging and enjoyable to read, written on a blogging platform that’s set up for server to search engine communication .  Our search engine understanding is based on YEARS of trial, error and experience and success.

We are here teach you how to achieve outstanding results in the index and convert the amazing content you write to leads. It’s actually quite a simple formula that we have come up with and the only online formula (as in real) you will need to be competitive and successful online.