In the world of search engine optimization there are some black and white truths but just as many gray areas. It can be enormously difficult for many web sites to set a course for search engine optimization that will ultimately deliver them the results they desire. The reason for this is that most people do not fully understand how search engine optimization works and, worse yet they don’t fully recognize their target audience. In order to reach targeted web site traffic it is necessary for a web site owner to first understand who they are speaking to before they craft the message that they will deliver.


Just as with any business plan, search engine optimization must be put into place with a comprehensive plan – a method that site owners – and perhaps their search engine optimization specialist – will work through until they reach their goals.

1.    Identify the target audience. This is advertising 101. You need to know your audience in order to craft an appropriate message. Targeted web site traffic is just the same as the audience we target in traditional advertising. We need to identify them before we can reach them.

2.    Craft the message. In the case of increasing web site traffic the message is online content. This content is keyword rich – utilizing those keywords that will help to elevate the site’s page rankings with the search engines. Additionally, this content must serve to inform, entertain, and reach out the audience that is reading it. By understanding that content must serve several purposes, web site owners have a better chance for crafting an effective message.

3.    Be consistent. Search engine optimization only works as long as a web site works it consistently. By continually updating the site with fresh content, search engine optimization goals can be met.