Adobe Flash is a popular method to develop the websites. Not only design agencies or photographers using it, but even reputable institutions such as banks, don’t want have only pure graphics and HTML sites. This is also OK, so long as you do not exaggerate and use flash in the places where it is needed. A purely Flash-based site will disapoint you if you try to optimize it for the search engines. The reason is the most of search engines were developed under the assumption that the target page is written in HTML. Major search engines such as Google are already able to extract text and links from a flash file, but because the text in flash does not have the structure, the search engine can not see whether it is a title, a quote or another part of the document. This means that the search engine is not able, to determinate the importance of the text section and to sort the results by relevance. In HTML, on the other hand you can use H1-tag to label the heading and the other text sections in conjunction with the appropriate tags. This problem with assessing the importance of the results is a reason why the search results from a flash site, almost never shown by the search engine. Only if you explicitly search in Google for flash files, you get the right results.


What must be done to minimize the problem?

The fact is that we can no longer simply renounce the flash. We must therefore find a way to satisfy both the visitors, as well as the search engine with the result. There is more than one way to Rome, but not all are good and without threats. The most commonly used method is to create two separate web sites, as a purely flash-based file and other – in HTML. But I think that this solution is not optimal and it would be rather to use a combination of flash and html. It is advisable therefore to use an HTML site with embedded in that flash at appropriate places. There is an opinion that it is good to use JavaScript to show a flash-based site for a genuine visitors and a text-based for a search engine. I find this method more than questionable, since it so easy to get deleted from the search engine index.