The goal of any web site is to attract their targeted web site traffic and ultimately increase their customer base. But this is actually a secondary goal. This is because savvy web site owners understand their first goal is to achieve high page rankings with the search engines; because without the achievement of this goal there is very little chance of achieving the secondary goal.

The search engines are the door through which potential customers must enter in order to find a site. They use the engines as a way to navigate the web; by inputting a search using a keyword or keyword phrase, search engine users are essentially asking the search engine to deliver them with the sites that are most relevant to their search criteria.

It is incumbent upon a web site that is looking to increase web traffic to increase their page rankings. Being delivered on the first or second page is absolutely critical to a site’s success in being found by targeted web site traffic. It has been shown time and time again that most search engine users rarely go beyond page two of the search engine’s results. And so in order to be seen – to attract the attention of those search engine users that could be potential customers – web sites need to work their search engine optimization plan aggressively to move up the ladder of engine results.

To this end, many web sites find it helpful to work with a SEO specialist that will help a web site define their goals and set forth a comprehensive SEO plan. With consistent effort, page one could well be within sight.