There are many people out there who have been told that they should use social media marketing to grow their business but they remain skeptical. Why? Because there’s a myth that social media marketing is not quantifiable, that it is impossible to know if using these new-fangled marketing methods really work. But that’s a myth!
There are many powerful tools to help you judge the effectiveness of your social media marketing. In fact, the struggle is finding the best tools to measure your internet marketing success.
Before you search for the right tools to use, you must understand what are your goals. Yes, there are tools out there to monitor every bit of social media activity having to do with your business and your industry. But that doesn’t mean you should try and use every bit of information out there. The key is to define your goals for social media marketing, and use the tools that best help you measure whether you are reaching those goals.
So write out your goals for your social media marketing. Do you want to know how much Twitter users talk about your business? Do you want to know if your YouTube channel is bringing in more clients? Define your social media goals, and then find the right tools.
Here are the best tools to monitor your social media marketing success.
1. Google Alerts
Google provides you with free alerts when you receive any mention of your business or brand name, your competitors or other keywords. You’ll be emailed alerts immediately. You can use Google Alerts to monitor blogs, videos, message board discussions, news updates, etc. This is a great tool to see what people are saying about you. Of the many great things that social media marketing provides your business, perhaps the best is the ability to know what people think of your business and why.
2. Facebook Insights
Facebook Insights collects useful data about your Facebook page and your fans. Insights allows you to track page views, likes, people who have unsubscribed, wall posts, discussion topics and more.
3. Twitter Search
Don’t overlook using the social media platform themselves! They’re often great social media tools in their own rights. Twitter has a wonderful search function that provides you with an idea of what people are saying about you on Twitter. Of course, this is not only a way to know what people are Tweeting about but whether and how much your business is being discussed. The best way to measure your social media presence is to go straight to the biggest forces in social media (Facebook and Twitter). You can narrowly search for specific keywords or phrases with “hash tags”- the pound sign followed by words or terms.
4. Twazzup
Twazzup is a dashboard that monitors Twitter for you. Again, we think you should monitor Twitter for yourself, if only to get comfortable with social media and understand the culture. However, Twazzup is a great help to any business that is too busy to monitor Twitter on a daily basis. Twazzup will tell if certain keywords are mentioned in a tweet. It will also categorize your results by link popularity, contributors, tagging clouds and users.
5. Buzzlogic
Buzzlogic is different from the other tools we’ve mentioned in that it has an emphasis on internet marketing. Buzzlogic provides you with stats on the feedback your business is getting. Buzzlogic employs tools that help you build strong and sustained relationships with customers.