Video SEO - reach your audience like never before. 

The potential is simply endless with video marketing. Youtube is the 2nd biggest search engine in the world, watched by over 100 million people every single day!

Unfortunately for many business owners, having a great video is not enough!  The right SEO techniques are needed in order to have full visibility online. Both inside Youtube and outside in the Google search results.


At Local Optimize, we know exactly what it takes to get your video out there on the internet. We have advanced SEO techniques available that will broadcast your message for highly profitable keywords. The results is more people knowing you are and you looking like the authority in your industry.

Example ranking, search “tax lawyer Mesa” (


Why choose Video SEO for your business?

can engage customers emotionally.

makes you look like the authority in your industry.

boosts the SEO of your main website.

requires the least financial investment.

Video will help your overall SEO strategy

In 2015, Google is looking at the ‘big picture’  - video is part of this. Questions the search engines will ask are:  Is your business talked about online, outside Google? Do people engage with you content via Social Media? Are you providing some kind of value?  Does your website have diversified traffic? Youtube optimisation can be a great way to resolve these questions with a big YES, and also have a positive effect for your main website’s search rankings.

We will build you your own Youtube channel to dominate the search engines, bringing more sales and leads, each month, every month, to your business.