Local SEO : the new Yellow Pages

Being found in local search results for your business simply isn’t an option -its a necessity to thrive in todays digital world. As traditional forms of advertising have become less and less significant, it is vital to have the right digital professionals to help where it matters!


“97% of consumers look for local businesses via search”

People want information quickly and easily. They want to find products and services with minimal effort. This means showing up on the 1st page of Google and on Google Maps too. With the rise of tablets and hand held devices, the Google maps section is even more important, as these searches are change based on mobile location.

The questions isn’t whether not to do Local SEO -it’s about choosing the right experts to carry out the job.

What are the advantages of Local SEO?

cheaper than regular SEO

targeted to relevant customers near you.

increased brand awareness.

 Our local SEO services make it easier to get found online:



What is involved in Local Strategy?

Keyword research – this is the foundation of any good online campaign. Perhaps you have an idea already of what your main keyword should be. There are always valuable keywords which can be taken easily with some research. We will find them.

Citations - each one is seen as a vote. This is where you business Name, Address and phone are disturbed throughout the internet. Google uses this in its algorithm to decide where or if a business should be placed.

Reviews - Positive reviews are essential for your local page.

Website strength from links – the amount of quality and relevant back-links tell a story to Google and will make it easier to rank locally.


Is this going to cost a small fortune? 

No, we offer all kinds of packages for different size budgets. We are very resourceful from getting the most results from what we have to work with. However, we do not operate with a a 1 size fits all approach as every business is different.  A dentist in central London will require more work than a business in a rural location.

How long does it take to get results?

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It depends on many factors, but generally speaking, we normally have something good to show by month 3 of our local campaigns.

Is this safe for my website?

As a business owner you are right to be concerned about the health of your websites -there are many horror stories when it comes to SEO. This comes from companies that don’t know what they are doing or don’t care. They will get their clients sites in trouble, doing ‘black hat tactics’, using large quantities of spam links.

Local SEO in general is very safe. But in regular SEO, we will only ever link to you from clean, relevant websites, we control making it very safe.

Let us worry about getting your website seen, so you can get to running your business!


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